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Carmen Martini is a Spanish born artist currently based between the USA and Europe. 

Although trained as a profesional violinist, art has always been part of her life since an early age.

Her work reflects a constant search between color and form and, when using burlap, texture. Earlier paintings follow a constant geometric search while in recent years we find her work has evolved into more dilated and distorted lines with the purpose of breaking a previous stablished symmetry.  

Educated between Spain and the US she holds a Bachelors Degree in Violin performance from Eduardo Martínez Corner Conservatory in Oviedo, a GPD in Violin from the Peabody Conservatory of the Johns Hopkins University and a Graduate Business Certificate form the University of Baltimore. In 2020 she received the certificate "The Architectural Imagination" from Harvard X.


- Art residency at EL Sur, CDMX. 20th od December of 2023 - 10th of January 2024.

- Auction at Maza Art, Madrid. 20th of December.

- Work featured in several commercials, TV shows etc... including brands as Emirates, Lays, Renault and Kiabi among many others.


- Auction at Mazar Art, Madrid. 14th of December.

- "Under 500" - Group exhibitions at the Maryland Art Place in Baltimore. December.

- Auction at Maza Art, Madrid. 19th of May.

- "Geometría al cubo" - Group exhibition at Las Setas in Seville, Spain.  16th Feb -13th March.

- Selected works at Nyack Hotel, NY by DAC Consulting.


- "Under $500" -  Group exhibition at the Maryland Art Place in Baltimore - December. 

Collaboration Darte Arte x Good News Coffee. November. Madrid and Barcelona.


- "OOO" online auction by MAP - July - Baltimore, USA


- The Yard: Eastern Market rotating exhibition - October 15through January 13, 2020. Washington DC, USA.

- Second Tri-Annual Maryland State Artist Registry Juried Show - September 19th to November 10th - Baltimore, USA.

- Featured on Blue Bee Magazine - Issue 1 - September -  UK (to be launched in Barcelona, Spain).

- Featured on Average Art Magazine - Issue 36 - July - UK.

- Featured on A5 Magazine - Issue 27 - June - UK.

- "OOO" by MAP - April - Baltimore, USA.


- "UNDER 500" by MAP - December - USA

- Finalist of Fusion Art "3rd Annual Colorful Abstractions" Online Art Exhibition" - November - USA

- Winner of the "Creating Connections", Maryland Art Place and CyberWire - October - USA

- "Out of Order" by MAP - April - USA



- Solo Exhibit at LCC Building in Baltimore, MD.

- "IMPACT" by Maryland Art Place. USA.

- "UNDER 500" by Maryland Art Place. USA.




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